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IELTS Task 2: How to write at a 9 level ebook?

In 37 pages, Ryan's IELTS Task 2: How to write at a 9 level ebook explains exactly

what you need to do to score well on your examination!

It includes:

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"Thank you Ryan. It was all worth it. Practicing under time restrictions was the key and I got band 7.0 in writing. Thank you very much for the videos and book."

-Khuram (UAE)

"I cannot thank you enough! My overall score in the IELTS was 7, I suspected more when I am true, but the listening part was only 6 ;-( But I got 8 in the writing part which is due to you! Your eBook is awesome!"

-Markus (Germany)

"My name is Carmen. I am Romanian and wanted to thank Ryan for the "How to write at level 9" e-book. I have scored 7 in writing because of it. I do not normally buy e-books from any YouTube teacher, but you have gotten my attention big time. You are really good!"

-Carmen (Romania)

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About Ryan: Ryan is a Canadian IELTS instructor who has worked in IELTS preparatory instruction for 8 years.
He is the auhtor of the www.ieltsielts.com blog and creator of an IELTS YouTube series that has been viewed over 2.5 million times.
All questions may be sent directly to him at ryan@ieltsielts.com.